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Fw: Aeronautical Satellite News Brief--June 2009

Iridium is going strong!

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Subject: Aeronautical Satellite News Brief--June 2009

Aeronautical Satellite News Brief--June 2009


June 2009

Dear Editor,

This news brief contains a summary of news from Iridium Satellite LLC and our Service Partners in the aviation market. We hope you find these stories interesting and newsworthy for your readers. If you would like more information or press-quality photos, please contact me, Liz DeCastro ( or Jim Rhodes (

Iridium offers a unique value proposition for the aero satcom market, with a combination of global coverage, robust network quality, cost-effective voice and data packages, and low-cost aero satcom terminals with lightweight, low-drag antenna arrays. Our position as the preferred satellite communication solution for business jets and helicopters is secure, and we are making rapid strides in the commercial aviation sector as well. Please read on for specific news illustrating our position and growth.


Liz DeCastro
Director, Corporate Communications
Iridium Satellite LLC

The June 2009 edition includes the following stories about:

  • Iridium Moves Toward Full Certification for Air Safety Communication on Transoceanic Flights
  • Delta Air Lines Uses Iridium on South America and Caribbean Routes
  • Rockwell Collins Signs With ICG to Offer Iridium Transceivers
  • ICG Introduces New Iridium Terminal for Smaller Aircraft
  • Avidyne Introduces New Iridium Product for Voice and Satellite Datalink Weather
  • ASiQ Launches Onboard Satellite Cellular Phone Solution
  • Blue Sky Network to Supply Iridium Satcoms to Belgian Helicopter Transport Company
  • Spidertracks Supplies Iridium Tracking Solutions to Nevada Helicopter Fleet
  • SkyTrac Systems Introduces Next-Generation Iridium Aero Terminal
  • Record-Setting Around-the-World Flight Relies on Iridium Satcoms from EMS Sky Connect
  • U.S. Forestry Service Certifies TracPlus Iridium Satcom Systems for Automatic Flight Following.
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